Let’s absolutely protect

Of course, there are also some prohibitions on such secret stores in Kawagoe. 
If there is something that breaks the prohibited matter, you will not be able to use the Kawagoe shop again, or in the worst case you can develop into the police situation as well. 

Then I would like to talk about the main prohibitions here. 
When playing with the customs of Kawagoe from now on, please take a moment to remember what you are saying from now. 

It is absolutely prohibited to “force the act of excessive or excessive service”. 
As for the production number, especially if it is a sex shop, it is prohibited everywhere, so even if you think that you want to do, you should never do it. 
Let’s be conscious not to force it to make things troubling mischievous lady. 
By the way, not only the actual number, but also the compulsion of the service which is not prepared at the shop is also NG. 
Before playing in the customs of Kawagoe properly, please try to find out what kind of way you can play first. 
If you want to devise various ways to play, you can devise by adding options. 

And the other thing to watch out for is “act of shooting for mischievous lady”. 
Especially in the case of beginners, there will be some people who want to take a picture of mischievous lady and leave it to commemoration. 
Of course, about shooting is basically NG. 
Please do not do voyeurism as well as things like pressing the shooting, so be careful. 
Just as an exception, there are rare shops that offer shootable services. 
People who want to shoot by any means, let’s use it after looking for such a shop.
There are few shops that give permission, but there are places where shooting services are provided.

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