Baby-Shower – A celebration for the expectant mother

Gifts for Mommy and Baby
On the menu are diaper cakes and momtinis are served with them. The number one topic of conversation is the belly circumference, and anyone who puts the word “baby” in their mouth has to give up a pacifier as soon as possible. Have you understood everything or have you never heard of it?

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The “Baby-Shower” or “Diaper-Party” is a trend for expectant mothers: The expectant mommy is the focus of the baby-party and celebrates the upcoming joyful event extensively with her best friends. The pregnant guest of honor is literally “showered” with beautiful and practical gifts – hence the term “shower”.

A party custom from the USAOrder the chic diaper cake – Little Prince – from Trend Mama

The custom of celebrating the birth of a child before it is born with a baby show and a diaper party ( shortening the waiting time until the mother-to-be has a party has spilled over from the USA to Germany. There, baby shows have been around since the baby boom of the 1950s.

A baby show should be a funny and humid and happy girls’ party, not at all regarding the consumption of alcoholic drinks, which should be taboo at least for the expectant mommy. Rather, it is the thought of a new phase in life that gives rise to mixed feelings of anticipation, hope and worry, and is the source of tears of joy and emotion. When a woman becomes a mother, she slips into a new role: The Baby Show Party celebrates this break in honor of the expectant mother.

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